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who, me?

You're not so much a human being as you are a knickknack!

23 April 1977
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Okay.. so it's been long enough now that I need to write something in here. I'm a fairly average guy from England. I really want to be a counselling psychologist but I suffer from a lack of experience which is really starting to annoy me. I've recently accepted myself as a gay man, which was really just a matter of declaration than anything else. I'm pretty open about my thoughts in here.. I refuse to do private entries 'cause I figure if you don't like what you read, that's your problem. I'm also open to comments and people adding me... I'll answer any questions and take any comments; if I don't like what you say, well, you'll hear about it.

I'm single and looking. Something you'll hear about on here. I'm looking for someone to be a part of my life -- either short-term or long-term, but I'm the type of person who needs people.. y'know what they say "people who need people..."

So yeah.. if you like piña coladas, and walks in the rain.. no.. wait, that ain't right... bah! just add me as a friend and I'll probably add ya back!

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