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I should be working - who, me?
April 2007
Fri, Aug. 4th, 2006 12:00 pm
I should be working

but I'm not. It's weird; yesterday I was busy as hell and the time just flew by and today - nothing. I'm just sitting here in this over air-conditioned office wondering what I can use to make the time go quicker. I have an hour until lunch - we're going to Pizza Hut for their £3.99 buffet... I can feel my waistline expanding as I think about it. I really need to get my fat arse to the gym. I've been so lazy lately and it's really not good.

On Tuesday I went to see a psychic. It was an interesting experience to say the least. I'm still sort of digesting the information she gave me - lots of stuff about future education and changing jobs... some interesting stuff about relationships (or lack thereof) and some stuff about a relationship with a dark haired person that will be really bad. They're gonna bleed me dry and then dump me by all accounts... of course, now that I know this I'm only dating blondes... lol!

I'm off to the theatre tomorrow to see "The Last 5 Years" in London. It's a musical by Jason Robert Brown that I know very little about so I'm expecting to love it. I'm taking Adam - who I think will hate it - but hey, the tickets were only a tenner each so it's not that big a deal. Besides, getting to spend some more time with him is always a good thing from my point of view. We've seen each other more lately than we have in the recent past. We attempted to go to the cinema twice, and then went to the movies on Sunday to see "The Break Up" which was better than I expected; it did get a bonus for being set in Chicago. It's nice to spend time with him 'cause I enjoy his company a lot but I'm pretty much over the whole relationship thing with him. It's not going to happen between us and I've accepted that; it's still a disappointment because I still think it would have been pretty great, but given all the drama that happened at the beginning of June (something else the psychic mentioned), I think we've come to a place where a relationship probably wouldn't work. We've kinda gone too far and past the point of no return. Still, we get to be friends and that's a good thing. One day he'll realise just how fabulous I am and will regret his mistake - muhahahahaha.

I'm getting a bit bored with my life. I need to fill it with things to do. I want to learn to play the piano and the guitar. I want to start painting again. I want to go out more and hang out with some really good friends. I need a social life. These are things I need to work on and things I plan to work on. You guys need to kick me in the arse if I don't seem to be making any progress on these things...

I've been spending a lot of time with a guy, J. He's a nice guy and we hang out a lot, and chat, and have a bit of a laugh, and have great sex. We're just friends and I'm pretty sure there's no relationship potential there, but it's nice to have met someone new and to be able to just hang out and have fun... of course the sex is a bonus, but between you and me, I'm so over the random sex thing. I'm totally in a place to want to find someone great and have a relationship. Of course, that doesn't mean I'm going to jump at the first guy that shows any interest.. my standards on the relationship thing are dangerously high, but I'm content to wait until someone pushes the right buttons to make me go weak at the knees and want to spend that much time with them in a romantic sense.

Yes, I know I'm waffling randomly today but I really am very bored. I think it's because all the stuff that needed doing but the end of the month finished yesterday and now I'm literally hunting around for things to do. I suppose there's a load of invoicing I could be doing, but the program I need for that is being very flakey and keeps kicking me out. Maybe someone is trying to tell me not to do any work...

Given the fact that I generally don't talk about people I'm interested in on my livejournal using their real names (Adam was an exception), I'm tempted to go back to making everything public. The freak that was reading my journal and seemingly reporting everything back to Adam in a vindictive fashion won't have anything to report. The damage was done and the potential for a relationship over, so what's the point of hiding behind the friends only banner? I'll just go back to giving nicknames to people I talk about and then everyone is happy... lol. So yeah, this will be the start of a return back to the public posts. I was never really comfortable using the friends only thing... I like the idea of random people reading my journal and maybe, just maybe, liking me enough to add me as a friend. It's a way to meet new people... so in that vein, if you know anyone that's not on my friends list who you think would like me, then get them to add me :D Wow, how was that for shameless promotion!?

Okay.. time to try and do some real work... maybe I'll go make a cup of coffee first.. yeah.. caffeine is my friend. x

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Fri, Aug. 4th, 2006 01:34 pm (UTC)

hey you, i'm totally bored (and it's only 9:30am here!). and my work email is totally not working, and i'm at home, so i can't complain cuz i don't have to pretend to be working. but it's boring for sure.

can you access aim at work? you can always chat with me! :)

Fri, Aug. 4th, 2006 02:20 pm (UTC)

y'know, i probably could access AIM or MSN at work but I'm not sure I can risk it - you never know when those bods at IT are actually watching and what's gonna flag up some big alarm!! Considering I just got a raise, I shouldn't really do anything to piss them off too much...

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Fri, Aug. 4th, 2006 02:36 pm (UTC)

definitely true. counting down the hours then? :)

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Fri, Aug. 4th, 2006 03:14 pm (UTC)

Ohhh yeah... less than an hour to go now... gonna go home and just chill out :D

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